About Us

The Lease Warehouse was established to answer the growing need for, transactional brokers needing an effective way
to complete and complement their services while at the same time staying focused on winning new business.

Now, with The Lease Warehouse, SMART BROKER CAN EASILY

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    Professionally close out deals

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    Provide continuous value to the clients

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    Guarantee new business

Continuous Relationship Management is the foundation of The Lease Warehouse, a value-added tool for the progressive
broker to differentiate their services from their competition. and protect their valuable customer relationships.

Available exclusively to Real Estate Brokers, The Lease Warehouse provides both an easy to use web-based database tool
with a highly responsive service that delivers:

  1. A Professionally Prepared and Lease Abstract
  2. Key Date Reminder Emails sent directly to your desktop to share with your clients
  3. An optional Desktop Expense Compliance Review
  4. Quarterly Value Added Content and Reporting to Share With Clients as Part of Your CRM Program
  5. Unlimited Customer Service To Help You Take Full Advantage of the Services.