Every year we hear a broker reluctantly tell a story about how a “client” they have worked for made some mid-term
move (expansion, contraction or other negotiated transaction) with their Landlord without calling them. The reason
for this is very simple; they are not (still) your client unless you keep servicing them!

Unless you are in a continuous relationship providing consistent services to a company, they’re not your client.
They are a past client and anybody’s prospect.


For years, transaction brokers have effectively performed their service, closed out the deal however they typically
do, received their commission and then gone back to the phones to fight again to win new assignments. Some of
them provided a close out letter or had their assistant prepare a short summary of the lease but other than putting
the client’s (now prospect’s) information in ACT or Salesforce, they viewed their job as over.


Now, smart brokers have found a better way to avoid an unfortunate situation and provide real, continuous value
for their clients AND ensure increased and repeated business for themselves. By combining the features of client
based lease administration systems and the principals of Continuous Relationship Management,
The Lease Warehouse has built a valuable new tool for progressive brokers to differentiate
their services from their competitors.